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Natasha Nesic
NYC trainer, founder of Work Life Fitness, and here to troubleshoot your food and fitness problems.
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Flashback 2014: Fitness is awkward AF.

I really hoped I didn’t swallow a pillbug. Or a spider. Or any one of the many-legged tenants of our basement, scuttling across the carpet.

Alright, 2021. Who’s ready for something beyond the standard, “Eat Less, Move More” ideology?


One day, I might stop harping on how important protein is for ALL aspects of mental and physical health. But since I’m writing this article for you now, we can correctly assume that day hasn’t come yet.


This is the hardest part of the nutritional consultation:

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With all the home exercise options out there, it can be a little overwhelming. YouTube, Instagram, ZOOM classes… But what if you just want to do your own thing?

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Dairy, if you can tolerate it, can be pretty awesome. Jarlsberg cheese, for example, contains the vital vitamin K2, which is more essential for bone formation than calcium, since it signals the osteoblasts (aka, your little bone cells) to start doing their job to increase skeletal strength and density.

However, dairy doesn’t always treat us well.

Lactose intolerance purportedly affects 65% of the human population, much more than it did in days past.

Protein, as seen through the eyes of the Internet. From

Protein is a pretty magical macronutrient.

  • Wound healing. Pretty self-explanatory there. If our own building blocks (aka tissue) are ruptured, the best thing to fix it would be replacing the broken building blocks (aka ingesting similar tissue).
  • Memory retention, mental clarity, and cognition. Which makes sense — if you don’t have the literal building blocks…

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Hello! Welcome to the fifth Train Like A WLF podcast. This is going to be the next installment in the How To Own Your Home Workout program, and super excited about this because obviously we’re all at home, so we want to own this experience as best we can.

With Semet Fitness in Central Park, May 2019. Photo by @goddammitphotos. #nycphotography #blackphotographer

In the current social climate, it’s hard to think about caring for yourself when there are so many others to step up for.


Hello! Welcome to the fourth Train Like A WLF podcast. This is number 3 in our series, “How To Own Your Home Workout,” aaaaaaand — here’s your tip!


Everyone’s talking about breathing right now because obviously our biggest resource is our respiratory system in a time of compromised immunity and viruses, etc etc.

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