How To Dress Like A Ninja For Better Fitness

Natasha Nesic, NASM CPT
1 min readNov 14, 2022
(C) Natasha Nesic
  1. Go about your daily activities.
  2. Realize that this may include lifting some things, running after small children, forgetting to meditate, and maybe taking the stairs while everyone is waiting for the elevator.
  3. Identify areas in your body that feel… less engaged than you would like them to be during these endeavors.
  4. Extend your awareness to specific body parts: for example, weak hands (poor grip strength), lazy calves (unsteady balance), or even droopy neck posture (constantly craning forward to read Medium articles).
  5. Choose clothing items to draw your own awareness to those body parts, helping them activate with less conscious effort and fewer individual exercises that would otherwise consume more useful chunks of your day.
  6. Have fun with this! Try punk-rock fingerless gloves to help your grip, brightly-printed socks for sad shins and calf muscles, or toasty knitted scarves around your neck to keep it warm.
  7. Pass by the mirror and understand, at long last, why ninjas wear so many accessories.
Natasha Nesic, NASM CPT

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