Train Like A WLF 002: How to Own Your Home Workout — Tension Gaps and Finding Failure.

That line of muscles working so beautifully in synch? Totally achievable in a home workout. (Image from Pexels.)

But you’re probably noticing that, as they say on reddit: “YMMV” (or, Your Mileage May Vary).

Because what this really comes down to is how much are you getting out of these different workouts?

(If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be living in the moment, this is practical application.)

That’s when you have to be your own coach a little bit, and go: “Alright, so you’ve got options.”

Find your failure.

Find that number of repetitions it takes to actually get to that point of exhaustion, one that the director of the video wanted you to get from just 10 repetitions. For some people that might be 20. For some people that might be 50.

If it’s an obscene number like 50, that’s when you know the exercise is too easy.

I mean, unless you want to spend your whole day doing squats, go for it. You’re going to have amazing legs. Go for it!

You’re going to get so much more out of training yourself more like an artist, more like somebody who’s developing technique, who’s developing very real synchronicity with your body. You’re going to actually see your muscles working so much more. You’re going to feel your muscles working so much more.

And when you go back to to the mirror at the end of that workout, you’re actually going to see a difference in your body.

That’s just the fact of it. With a really good workout, you will see results immediately.

And so what I’m doing is in this podcast I’ve taught you how to actually feel if it was effective and how to look for the signs of what was effective.

NYC trainer, founder of Work Life Fitness, and here to troubleshoot your food and fitness problems.

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