Train Like A WLF 005: The Perfect Home Workout Video

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Hello! Welcome to the fifth Train Like A WLF podcast. This is going to be the next installment in the How To Own Your Home Workout program, and super excited about this because obviously we’re all at home, so we want to own this experience as best we can.

The way you’re gonna do that is —

(drumroll, as you please)

I mentioned in a previous video (or rather, podcast) that I would teach you how to find the YouTube workout of your dreams.

Now, I can’t tell you exaaaaaaaaactly how to find the YouTube video of your dreams, but I can tell you how to look for it. I can tell you how to be a very excellent searcher.

Because you know your body so well. You don’t even realize what a deep connection you have to yourself.

Now, when you’re searching up your workout, figure out what body part you want to work: legs, arms, upper body, lower body, abs, total body, etc.

I’m a big fan of total body simply because I find that working in isolation promotes a disconnect to the muscle group you’re looking for — if you’re somebody who wants to feel fit as a person, as a whole person, you always want to work total body. You will work upper or lower or various parts harder, probably, knowing your weaknesses.

But please. Do total body.

For your own sake. That is, if you really want to develop that true sense of fitness: like (for example) being able to jump off a bridge if need be and land on your feet.

Now that you’ve identified what body part you want to work on — or rather, what fitness experience you want to have — make sure to watch the video first.

Or just skim through it. Click through it, put your cursor at random parts of the timer, and see how the instructor is talking because you want to make sure — and please, if nothing else, get this one takeaway from this podcast — that you have an authority figure. You want an authority figure.

Now, I can’t sit on your shoulder and tell you, “That’s a smart trainer!” or “That’s a dumb one.” Use your common sense. If someone is talking about specific muscles, anatomy, if they can even coach you on your breathing, telling you when to breathe in and when to breathe out. My previous podcast emphasized just how important that is. So that you can get the most out of your body parts and muscles, and your organs can actually function delightfully.

All those are indicators that someone is going to be the perfect virtual coach for you. And I say “perfect” though in reality, we know nothing is ever perfect. But, at least this is the kind of perfection we can achieve. It ain’t perfect-perfect, but it’s perfect enough.

Now, if you felt this was helpful, please feel free to let me know in the comments! If you’re even curious who I recommend on YouTube — because I love outsourcing, I love somebody who’s going to take care of your workout for me — I’d be happy to send you the links to videos, happy to tell you my favorite YouTube instructors slash personalities, just let me know.

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram @trainlikeawlf, and my website,

Peace, stay safe bros.



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