Train Like A WLF 004: Breathing Isn’t Magic.



Everyone’s talking about breathing right now because obviously our biggest resource is our respiratory system in a time of compromised immunity and viruses, etc etc.

All you need is to be confident in your abilities as an organic hydraulic pump mechanism.

So what that means is: exactly what it sounds like.

Inhale = fill everything up.

Exhale = empty everything out.

“Filling everything up” causes your pump to become full with “substance” (ie: oxygen) that’s going to literally push you through an activity.

That’s what I mean by “hydraulic pump.”

So when you’re trying to do a movement, that’s why they say in dance, “Exhale on the exertion,” so that you can accomplish a sexful —

Whatever you need, that’s there for you.

And that’s how you can use your breath.

NYC trainer, founder of Work Life Fitness, and here to troubleshoot your food and fitness problems.

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