So How Do I Actually Do Protein? Starring, The Greekest of Salads.

  • One (1) Full-size chicken breast, or one (1) block of superfirm tofu if vegan. Again, it’s only going to be about the size of your hand. Don’t be scared.
  • One (1) Package of decent deli meat. Look for chicken, ham, beef, or turkey with minimal added ingredients.
  • One (1) Pint carton of egg whites.
  • Two (2) Cans of tuna. Preferably wild caught, or at least caught in a conscientious manner. I’m not here to give any grief to dolphins, and I don’t think you are, either.
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The Greekest of Salads

Starring: One (1) 2-cup container of Greek yogurt, plus —

  • Vegetable(s) of choice.
  • Seasoning of choice.

NYC trainer, founder of Work Life Fitness, and here to troubleshoot your food and fitness problems.

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