How To Be A Hedonist But Still Get Things Done

Natasha Nesic, NASM CPT
2 min readDec 1, 2021

I mentioned in previous posts that I’m more of a Loki than a Thor-type of self-motivator. You might be, too!

But whichever type of Marvel character you might be — or DC, I won’t judge !— we all agree that it really helps to have a reward system when you’re looking to Get Things Done.

How To Implement A Successful Reward System:

1) Identify what you really want. This is your goal, or if we’re still in the MCU, your Endgame. For example, I want to be able to calmly say “Yes, I’m a writer” — with full conviction and zero Imposter Syndrome when someone asks.

2) Pick an action that will help you get it. Hey there, Medium! Fancy meeting you every day this week. Posting regularly is a great way to improve my sense of consistency and literary chop-making.

3) Pick a reward. It doesn’t have to relate to the goal at all! Going off the above example, I love reading comics. If I know that completing a post will give me the physical (don’t have to be stuck at home) and mental (don’t have the internal pressure) freedom to make an extra stop at the local bookshop later in the day, then heck yes I’m going to finish that post.

4) Case in point.

What are your favorite motivational tactics? Comment and let me know.

Natasha Nesic, NASM CPT

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